Domestic & Decorative Tableware

This collection has a variety of both domestic and decorative tableware pieces created for functional daily use.

Pieces are all individually hand thrown on the wheel with additions of pulled handles, thrown lids and spouts. All pieces have a turned foot ring to accentuate the body and give it a lift from the table but with stability that can accommodate everyday use of the piece.

Pieces are created using a smooth porcelain clay body or smooth stoneware clay body and fired either to cone 10 in gas reduction or cone 9 in an electric kiln.

Glazed using a combination of pouring and dipping of the artist/designers signature glazes to achieve the finish.

Smaller items come in a gift box to fit, completed with the Claire Murdock Ceramics Signature logo and branding on the box. Larger items are more layered in bubble wrap for their protection and safe transport in shipping.