Moon Jars

This is a collection of various sizes of moon jars from large scale, fit for outdoor decor and gardens, to miniature pieces that fit in your palm. All hand thrown on the wheel, with the larger pieces hand thrown and coiled on the wheel.

They are all ‘one of a kind’ unique and decorative pieces. Created on the wheel using a combination of craft crank and smooth stoneware or reduction aiding body.

Generous full bodied forms with a turned foot-ring base to accentuate the body of each piece.

Glazes are built up in layers with a combination of pouring and dipping techniques to achieve the finish.

They are all finished in signature glazes researched and practiced by the designer/artist. Some pieces are stoneware fired in gas reduction to cone 10 and others are fired to cone 8/9 in an electric kiln.

Smaller items come in a gift box to fit, completed with the Claire Murdock Ceramics Signature logo and branding on the box. Larger items are more layered in bubble wrap for their protection and safe transport in shipping.

‘Moon Jars’ date back to the early 16th century made traditionally in white porcelain during the Joseon Dynasty. It is from this era in Korea and the Minoan Civilisation in Crete and the beautiful Pithoi traditional Jars the artist/designer draws her inspiration.