“knowledge gained through the hands is integral to seeing, thinking and learning”

I feel it is very important that people develop a basis of 3-D hand skills particularly children growing up. These skills are crucial to carry out so many tasks in life. Manual and artistic skills are too often side-lined in favour of the academic.
Use of the hands changes the way we think. It allows us to think problems through, rehearse and remember actions, respond to the materiality of the world. Working with materials opens up differences in quality and characteristics that help refine focus of attention. As these differences are noticed, accurate description is required hence contributing to development of vocabulary. Hand skills help develop the acuity of vision and attention necessary in literacy and language development, understanding of volume, weight and real world 3D problems. Fingers and head alone are not enough.
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I love to teach and pass on the skills I have acquired through my years of ceramic education, experience as a maker/designer and experience in business supplies and sales. I think the handmade is so important and essential to our society and keeping craft skills in particular alive, appreciated and educated. There is room in this world for everyone so share and share alike!


I can provide one to one training on the wheel for beginners or those more advanced who want to refine their skills or learn a particular technique. 

- Via booking only

- contact me directly for prices & availability 

* This is predominantly for individuals only who can come to my private studio for tuition one on one or if you prefer and you have a wheel of your own I can travel to you!

For Groups/Classes/Small parties I teach 3 times per week at Rosegift Cottage Crafts!

To book any of these contact Laura @ Rosegift Cottage Crafts: 07738029459