Nuka & Tenmoku Vase
Nuka & Tenmoku Vase
Nuka & Tenmoku Vase

Nuka & Tenmoku Vase

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This hand thrown vase is a ‘one of a kind’ unique and decorative piece. Created on the wheel using a white stoneware body.

Generous shouldered form with a narrow neck and flared throat and a trimmed smooth foot-ring base to accentuate the body of the piece.

Glazes are built up in layers with a combination of pouring and dipping to achieve the finish.

This particular piece is glazed with a signature Tenmoku and nuka glaze applied in layers. Stoneware fired in an electric kiln to 1280⁰C. Ovenproof, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Vase Dimensions (mm):

260 X 130 X 130

* Each piece is uniquely hand crafted and therefore will be slight variations in the design from piece to piece

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