The primary focus of my work is the process of throwing. As a ceramic artist I feel a strong awareness of the material in my on-going relationship with clay, and of myself when working with the wheel. I create thrown and coiled large scale moon jar vessels from a variety of clays and decorate the surface simply to allow the piece to have a presence of its own. Alongside this I create a functional tableware range intended for everyday use from a stoneware or porcelain clay body. It illustrates an elegant tranquil design which is complimented by my application of a refined selection of Celadon and Tenmoku glazes. Inspiration comes mainly from the Middle East and ancient Minoan ceramics (Crete) all dating back to 17th century. I also find that architecture and natural form have a strong influence on my work. The kind of qualities I am looking for in my work are: generosity in the form, full bodied and stretched, to be warm and inviting, to be sensual and tactile. I fire my work in gas reduction to cone 8/9 to suit my blue Chun, Tenmoku and Celadon glazes. More recent work I fire to cone 6 in my electric kiln. I strive to achieve a meticulous finish to my work through constant kiln practice and repetition.

I feel it’s important that people engage on a daily basis with the objects I make. Through use I look for a reaction or response to my porcelain tableware. I intend my large-scale moon jars to have a strong physical presence and hope to convey the energy in the making through their full-bodied forms and richly glazed surfaces. Important sources of inspiration come from Middle Eastern, Korean and Minoan Ceramics.