Charcoal Moon Jar
Charcoal Moon Jar
Charcoal Moon Jar
Charcoal Moon Jar

Charcoal Moon Jar

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This hand thrown moon jar is a ‘one of a kind’ unique and decorative piece. Created on the wheel using a combination of craft crank and smooth stoneware or reduction aiding body.

Generous full bodied form with a narrow turned foot-ring base to accentuate the body of the piece.

Glazes are built up in layers with a combination of pouring and dipping to achieve the finish.

This particular piece is glazed with a signature Tenmoku and charcoal applied in layers. Stoneware fired in an electric kiln to 1280⁰C. Ovenproof, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Moon Jar Dimensions (mm):

90 X 90 X 90

‘Moon Jars’ date back to the early 16th century made traditionally in white porcelain during the Joseon Dynasty. It is from this era in Korea and the Minoan Civilisation in Crete and the beautiful Pithoi traditional Jars I draw my inspiration.


* Each piece is uniquely hand crafted and therefore will be slight variations in the design from piece to piece

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