Processes & Techniques

Claire creates a range of moon jars scaling up from the miniature to the much larger more suited to outdoors or a large room or space. She uses a process of hand throwing in sections using coils from a mix of reduction and craft crank clay bodies. The finish glaze is a build-up of layers of a rich black Tenmoku breaking to brown where thin with an opalescent pure iron blue Chun glaze over. Her research of these glazes spans in depth to find an opalescent quality and rich blue without the use of cobalt as a colouring oxide solely using iron in its purest state and a well-studied reduction firing and cooling cycle to achieve repetitive results.

Her method of glaze application is considered and calculated by pouring layers. Once in the kiln the nature of these pure Chun glazes react in a spontaneous way and tend to leap and run off the pieces due to a high quartz content in the glaze. She uses this to her advantage and allows the reduction firing to cone 8/9 in a gas kiln and the nature of the glazes decide the final finished quality and surface and which segments of the clay body becomes unveiled from underneath the glaze.

Her hand thrown tableware range is more elegant and tranquil prizing its translucent succulent qualities from the porcelain clay body. She use several glaze ranges but currently; one Celadon range with an off white inside and one Tenmoku brown/black range with Celadon inside. The design itself is unique and transitions and follows through in each piece to comprise matching dining sets intended for everyday use and created with this functionality factor in mind.