Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 2

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Hand Build 32 piece Chess Set
2nd Challenge - Throw down - 40 minutes to throw Three Porcelain miniatures with slip decoration - Bowl, Cyclinder, Bellied narrow neck form

My Northern Irish Giants Causeway inspired Chess Set - The most pieces I have ever hand built in my life. I rolled out solid coils by hand as close to the same thickness as I could, cut them in to tube height sizes to stand upright, spliced down the rounded edges to create the hexagonal rock formation effect - let these firm up and hollowed them all out by hand. I then made all the top parts to identify each chess piece separately and attached once clay was firmer. I had 4 pre made sprig moulds to help speed up this process just a little. I was delighted with the colours I was able to achieve with the underglazes - something I have never used before, or brushed on glaze for that matter.

I was delighted to place second in the 2nd challenge - a throw down challenge set by the lovely guest potter Geoffrey Swindell. It was a really enjoyable challenge working with porcelain.

I received some lovely comments from the judges about my chess set after a great week in the pottery.

Potter of the week went to Jacob this week and rightfully so - Just look at those dragons! AMAZING!!

But sadly this week he had to say goodbye to our friend Sampada :(

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