Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 9 (Semi Final)

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Toilet: 2 day build (4hr/3hr)
2nd Challenge - Burleigh Pottery Design Tissue Paper Application to Teapot

I thoroughly enjoyed this build. I found it very satisfying seeing something so big come together in such a short time. There was elements I was really pleased with during the build like my dimensions working out and my flush system and holes and the plaque on the front all came out really well. 

I had a big issue during the build which was very hard to bounce back from....

My main bowl of my toilet cracked when it was drying over the former overnight. I had to spend such a long time trying to repair it and join it on the the plinth and add the rim that I ran out of time to finish the handles which were part of my original design. 

I was also able to carry my toilet the whole way down the stairs and around the cobbles to the kiln myself :)

3rd place in the second challenge which i found extremely difficult! The cutting of the tissue paper i struggled with the most as it is so sticky and my hands were very warm that day!

Sadly the lack of handles from my original design really went against me in the judging and then a mysterious leak from underneath the bowl which I still haven't figured out where exactly it came from as it wasnt from any of the small surface cracks further up that I was aware of. However there was no hiding behind a y of that unfortunately and my time was sadly up in the pottery... no TURD place for Claire :(



The Potter of the week this week goes to Jacob giving him the Hat Trick too! Awesome mushroom toilet Jacob well done! 

Sadly this week I was the one who got sent home from the pottery! Was truly gutted it all came to an end as I was having so much fun. It was a fantastic experience and delighted to have made it as far as the semi final.
Made some amazing friends and memories along the way I'll treasure for life 💗 thank you to all involved in the show 😍💫 Wishing the final three the best of luck for the final
You are all amazing and worthy winners in my eyes and I've loved every second working alongside you all in the pottery for all those weeks watching your skills and beautiful work develop. Have no doubt you will all go on to do amazing things when the show is over 🎉👏🙌

My highlight on the show <3


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