Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 4

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Two Slip Cast Multi-coloured Vases : 1 x large 25cm 1 x small 15cm with minimum of 3 colours
2nd Challenge - Throw Down - BLINDFOLDED - Throw the 'Widest' Bowl

My idea and concept was Inspired by my Granny Lily and the little white feathers she's been sending me since we lost her to a cruel battle with cancer 14/11/12 💔😓 I know she's always there and I love the little signs and feathers she sends and it's a comfort to know she's at peace 💗🙏 the most selfless, kind and loving figurehead on my mum's side in our family gone but forever in our hearts 💗🙏

I made a nice bowl - just not the Widest bowl!


Congrats to Ronaldo who had a whopping wide bowl!! 

During judging I received some lovely comments from the judges about my vases particularly Sue. She was impressed with my clean finish and crisp definition between the coloured layers - I was delighted after such a difficult challenge.

I was blown away to get potter of the week for the second time in 4 weeks! Thank you to the judges for picking my work again 💗🙏 Really overwhelmed and pleased they liked my vases especially such meaningful pieces to me 🥰

This was a very difficult challenge for all of of us. A tricky messy process.
I'd say it was a tough close call for the top spot this week. My personal favourites were @florencestgeorge and @ceramic_rosa_wiland_holmes. Fleas forms and etching was stunning and Rosa's mother and child concept was beautifully executed 

Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to Leonard :( a true gentleman and phenomenal potter. Him and his stories will be missed! 


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