Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 1

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Breakfast Set containing: 1 x cafetiere to fit press, 1 x Toast Rack, 2 X espresso cups & saucers
2nd Challenge - Throw Down - Maximum number of usable egg cups thrown off the hump in 15 minutes

My Lily Pad Breakfast Set Design - Made my own glaze using 2LT of the communal clear dipping glaze and added 10% black iron oxide to give something I hoped to be close to a Tenmoku to create my overlapping gradient of colour with the communal white glaze. I had to be very patient and wait until the end to dip into the white to avoid contamination for anyone else.

I managed 13 usable Egg Cups in total - I think I spent too much time enjoying centering the large lump of clay in this challenge :)

I received some lovely comments from the judges about my breakfast set - Even brought out some moving tears in Keith - what a compliment! I was a bit upset my glaze crawled a little but in the grand scheme of things it didn't seem to do much harm in the judging.

I was totally gobsmacked to get potter of the week in the first episode as I thought the competition was so tough! Absolutely delighted to be chosen but really gutted at the same time loosing our friend Tom - What a legend <3

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