Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 7

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Fireplace Tiles: Make tiles in any shape or design to fit template given - use a combination of surface decoration and hand building techniques: carving, sprigging, impressing, inlay, brush on technique
2nd Challenge - Chimeny - throw the other half of the chimney to fit and join to the other half already pre-thrown for you

This design was my 🔥 'FINN FIREPLACE' 🔥 named after one of my besties Andrew Finn @androofinn who totally inspired the design for this.
He has one of those super amazing Instagram photogenic homes. Check it out!
His living room in particular was huge inspiration for the on trend colour choice of grey and mustard yellow retro triangles.

This challenge for me was by far the most difficult for timing as I had set myself an even more difficult task than simply cutting out squares. Instead I chose a triangle design giving me 2 hours to cut out 80 triangles in total! Then 3 hours to tidy, design and finesse them all. The clay was exceptionally soft which made this task quite stressful.

Seeing it all come together at the end it was very rewarding and I was pleased with what I'd achieved in the time.

Thankfully the second challenge was back at the wheel and with a large lump of clay again! I had a bad back during this challenge which may have held me back a bit but I still loved being at the wheel. I placed 3rd which I hoped would help keep me in the pottery another week.

During judging I received some mixed feedback. I got complimented on my ambition to complete the triangle design and how vibrant the colours were. However they felt it was missing the 3D element. I think I misinterpreted the brief slightly for this make as I thought the 3D element was a choice out of a list where I had picked carving for my design.

Potter of the week went to Matt this week - Truely deserved and about time he got a potter of the week! This guy's got serious skills and really pulled it off this week!

Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to Ronaldo :( His big smile lit up the pottery!


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