Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 5

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Matching Pair of Lamps : MUST measure height. 30cm and maximum width. 25cm
2nd Challenge - Decoration - Hand paint a cohesive design on a bisqueware plate and a handled cup.

My idea and concept was Inspired by my love of Greek, Minoan, Cycladic Pottery. The bulbous, swollen stretched form with narrow neck and beautiful decisive geometric mark making.

I used Red Iron to bring out the detail of my lamps.

The decoration challenge was much more outside my comfort zone and not something I have any confidence with using brushes to paint detail with.

Congrats to Rosa she nailed this challenge with her painting inspired by her children! :)

During judging I received some fairly harsh comments. My Grecian Minoan inspired lamps maybe didn't impress the judges this week but I'm still proud to have achieved what I did in the time and make it through to next week 💗🙏

Potter of the week went to Jacob this week with his Shipwreck Pottery Lamps. They were stunning! 

Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to the beautiful Flea :( Absolutely gutted to see her go I just loved her work and ideas <3


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