Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 8 (Quarter Final)

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Pit Fired Lidded Ginger Jars: MUST measure an exact height of 50cm for the large and 25cm for the small size .
2nd Challenge - Sgraffito - Given two jugs, one large, one small. Thrown in white clay and covered in red terracotta slip. Sgraffito deign them both with a cohesive design from the theme the ELEMENTs - wind, earth, fire, water.

This challenge was my favourite of the whole series! From the planning to the design to the throwing and making. What topped it off was the pit firing experience with the other potters and camping out. it was just fantastic and i thoroughly enjoyed it! My first ever time trying a pit firing and I loved the whole process!



My face says it all here. What a phenomenal experience!

Keith and Sue were surprised by my fully covered expressive sgraffito jugs and it won me joint first place with Rosa and her landscape jugs :)

During judging I got some lovely feedback about my ginger jars and I was really happy. It couldn't have went any better this week!

I got the hat trick! Third Potter of the week and in quarter final week! Absolutely delighted and over the moon! I really pushed myself this week and was lucky in the pit fire that my pots survived and came out triumphant making it into the semi final of the Great Pottery Throw Down!

Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to Rosalind :( This beautiful lady is one in a million! Her attention to detail in sculpting animals is truly amazing! She has such a good heart and I was really inspired by her faith during the time we got to know one another. 


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