Great Pottery Throw Down - Episode 6

Claire Murdock

Main Make - Sculpt a Figure from a Live model : Grecian themed 2FT porcelain paper clay statue (must be HOLLOW) 8.5 hours to make over two days (5hr / 3.5hr)
2nd Challenge - Amphora - throw an amphora shape, leave to dry then add the point and handles to fit and suit the stand given.

This challenge for me was by far the most difficult in build, in timing, in material to work with and the furthest from my comfort zone. Never in my life have I even drawn a figure never mind attempted sculpting one.

This week I was really worried I would be going home! 

Thankfully the second challenge was more up my street being back at the wheel and with a large lump of clay! I loved this challenge and was even more delighted to take 1st place in this one and my first time placing first in any of the second challenges. Hopefully that was enough to save me in the final judging!

During judging I received some mixed feedback. Some of the body features I got compliments like my Aphrodite's bum. But other features like her harsh face that I didn't get time to finish was naturally pointed out. It was very fair constructive criticism but I was just simply happy to have a 2ft figure standing upright with all its limbs attached in the time we were given for this challenge.

Potter of the week went to Rosalind and Rosa this week - joint Potters of the week!

Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to the life of the show Rainna :( She will be sorely missed by everyone with her bubbly personality and ability to make everyone laugh.


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